Monday, 18 January 2010

Robocops Photoshop'd facebook page

So for the final scene we are going to have robocop use facebook briefly before being shown a video Terminator thinks is hilarious of Murphy being brutally murdered by the criminals (first scene, warehouse) I believe that to get robocops attention MSN should make that really irritating jingle sound it makes when a new message is recieved, instead of the faint "pop" sound facebook messenger makes.

The making of robocops facebook page was going to be done in 2 different ways.

First possibility
The first way our group thought of making the facebook page in a theoretically simple way was to actually create a facebook account for Robocop and Terminator, but for that we would need to make fake email accounts on Hotmail, and I thought it was a bit much for not alot of gain since we would never use these accounts once we had finished the project.

Second possibility
The second way was instead of making fake accounts on face book and Hotmail, was to actually recreate the pages in photoshop so that we could get whatever we wanted on them without having to jump through hoops, this approach takes more time and has its own problems.

We decided to go with the second option of making the page from scratch, not completely from scratch, I will use a screen shot of my Facebook page as a template for the constructed one. Problems with constructing the fake page manually are as follows
· Much greater time needed
· The font is “Klavika” which isn’t free and costs a lot of money

The font issue will just have to be resolved by using another font as a replacement, im going to use Ariel as the used font, since it’s one of the most common and standard fonts used and recognised apart from Times New Roman.

Good points about making it myself is that I can put easter egg type goodies on the page, such as Robocops friend list is made of all robots from all era's, Skynet, Kitt, Terminator, Wall-E, Maria. etc. This is just to add a little bit of flare and imagination to the page, thinking “who would Robocop be friends with on Facebook” they are essentialy just cameo apperances to make the page seem much more realistic.
This meant I needed to gather source images of their appearances to have in Robocop’s friend list and on the main located on the left and center of the screen. I wanted to make the Page as rich as possible and not just try to skip out of making it worth looking at because im copying somthing else.

things Like the Facebook game "Mafia Wars" I have changed to "Machine Wars" and given the icon a great picture of a Matrix sentinel I found.

Since facebook is supposed to be a friendly place i have made the atmospere of the page and its containing text very light hearted, use of internet speak such as "lol/LOL" to make the place seem more natural. Skynet is very bitter towards humans on this page, however I used puncuation emoticons to soften the harsh words that Skynet had typed. ">.> / >.<"
Keeping the tone very friendly was a question i did ask myself often during its construction, however I do believe that it was the best choice to make, pointed out by ED-209's famous quote "you now have 15 seconds to comply" only I followed this with a smiling punctuation emoticon to lift the dark and evil sence that it gave us in the films and maintain the friendly online atmosphere.

Johnny 5 was going to make an apperance on the page but during my search for images to use as his profile picture I came across Wall-E, prefering Wall-E to Johnny 5 I switched them round. Also agent Smith was going to make an apperance but no image I could find of him was light hearted enough to not ruin the page.

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